Judging Locations – 2023

Purina is the Official Sponsor of the Celtic Classic

Breed and Speciality Locations Are Listed Below

Please note the following information:

1) All Conformation judging, including Groups and Best In Show will take place in the Arena.

2) This listing is a preliminary assignment and might change when the entry numbers are finalized.

3) Specialty Breeds listed below will be judged in the same building all five days of Classic, However they might be in different rings within that building.

Memorial Hall WestOld MainMemorial Hall East
BoxersBernese Mountain DogAfghan Hounds
English SettersBullmastiffBloodhound
English Springer SpanielDachsundsItalian Greyhound
Great DaneGerman Shorthaired PointerKeeshond
NewfoundlandSaint BernardPembroke Welsh Corgi
Siberian HuskyWhippets
Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

Last Update – 01/25/2023